Christopher Keel : “ I AM MY OWN STYLIST”

Written by Greg Lewis

You’re looking at the face of future fashion.

Christopher keel, 25, is a model from Miami Florida. The Florida native, Christopher Keel, currently lives in Atlanta Georgia.

Christopher Keel has an amazing sense of style and is known for pushing the boundaries of what today’s fashion will look like for men world-wide.

Photographer: IG/ @GeorgeHudsonIV

Keel made it very clear that he styled himself for this photoshoot.

“This look was styled by me, I am my own stylist”.

Photographer: IG/ @GeorgeHudsonIV

Out of curiosity, we asked Keel what was the inspiration behind this photoshoot? )

Photographer: IG/ @GeorgeHudsonIV

“ I’ll be honest, there was no inspiration behind this shoot but I just wanted to create content to show off thrifted looks”.

He continued,

“ Fashion to me is a broad topic, however, style is essential. How I would define my style is rebellious, free, & eccentric. Style has shaped me into the person I am today & it has given me the opportunity to stand out”.

You can check out more of his awesome looks on Instagram @carefreeblkboy.

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