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A woman’s job is never done!

Jamia Sallie, 25, is shining bright as ever in these newly released pregnancy photos. Jamia Sallie, a grad student at Walden University, sat down and spoke exclusively with us about her motherhood journey.

Jamia sallie wears multiple hats day-to-day as she tackles her every day duties as a mother, a wife and student. In other words, this queen is a triple threat.

MUA: Keasia Wilson, DRESS: Etsy, PHOTOGRAPHER: Joshua Mcfarquhar

While admiring her breathtaking pregnancy pictures , we reached out to Jamia to ask her a few questions about her walk into motherhood. Although we were familiar with some of her life-long accomplishments, we were stunned to see how effortlessly she handles everything being thrown at her.

When asked was this going to be her first child?this was her response.

“This pregnancy is my second. I was actually pregnant last year with my son Meko. I found out I was pregnant again when Meko was nine months old. I heard of women being extra fertile after their first pregnancy, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast”.

Meet Jamia’s Son (Meko)

Jamia and her husband, Marcues, have been dating for 6 years and they’ve been married to one another for 3 of those years.

“ I use to see him around campus and thought he was sooo cute”.

Jamia and Marcues both graduated college together back in 2018 and got married the same exact year. In 2020, Jamia gave birth to their beautiful baby boy, Meko. Jamia is now expecting a second little bundle of joy in 2022. She continues to share with us how she met her husband and where their journey first started.

“One day we ran into each other in the cafe and I introduced myself by telling him I liked his dimple. Horrible pick up line and he thought I was weird. A month after our first encounter, he told me he’s never had a female step down to him (pops collar) and even though what I said threw him off, he couldn’t get me off his mind and was happy he ran into me again. We’ve been attached to the hip since”.


“This pregnancy has definitely shown me the strength that I truly have. The key is to not give up but to keep going #33weeks”.

Seeking deeper meaning into what Jamia meant by this Facebook post , we got the chance to pick her brain a little.

“My husband and I decided to move back home to (Lakeland, FL) from Tallahassee, FL because we enrolled ourselves back in school. I am a Graduate student at Walden University and working towards my Masters degree as a School Counselor. My husband attends Herzing University and he is studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. Being a wife, mother to a one year old, pregnant, Grad student, and full time worker can definitely be overwhelming. There were times when I wanted to quit (sometimes still do) because I did not think that going through this would be so hard. I have a very strong support system that ensures that I do not quit and see through what God has planned for me”.

During the interview, Jamia also shared how her husband was her inspiration to go back to school. She opened up about how she saw her husband working two jobs and studying while making time for her and his family. According to Jamia, that put some fire underneath her, making her want to grind harder.

When we asked Jamia, what has she learned about herself during the course of her newest pregnancy, this was her response.

MUA: Keasia Wilson, DRESS: Etsy, PHOTOGRAPHER: Joshua Mcfarquhar

“ I learned that I am stronger than what I give myself credit for. I did not let this pregnancy stop me from reaching my goal, but used it as a tool to power up and be great in everything I do because people expect less”.

Jamia Sallie is an inspiration to women world-wide who are trying to find balance between becoming a mother and chasing their dreams. She continues to persevere and remains determined to not let anything stop her. Her drive to keep going might have a lot to do with her favorite quote.

When asked what was one of her favorite all time quotes she mentioned a line from Uncle Luke.

“Don’t stop, get it get it” -Uncle Luke

In attempt to find out how Jamia stays so level headed, we discovered some really interesting facts about the mother.

“ Social media keeps me level headed. I love to laugh and there’s never a dull moment on Facebook or Tiktok. After a long day, I crave for the screen time crack because life can be too serious at times and I’m also inspired by many of my social media friends. Seeing certain things encourages me to keep going”.

Speaking of her interest, she also told us the joy she shares in reading books from her favorite author, Jessica Watkins.

As incredible as this young lady is, we all know, nothing in life comes easy. We all struggle, but how you recover, that’s what matters.

“Motherhood is hard work, but all the work is worth putting in”.

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