California becomes the first state to require ethnic studies in curriculum

Written by Alexandra Maurice

On Friday, October 9, 2021, California became the first in the entire nation to state ethnic studies a requirement for graduation.

After vetoing the bill last year, Governor Gavin. Newsom completed and revised the bill so that it would fair and balanced and “inclusive of all communities” he said.

Newsom release from his office saying “ the ethnic studies will help expand educational opportunities in schools and boost academic engagement and attainment for students.”

California school districts will develop courses using the model curriculum which will allow the teachers to pick and choose elements to add to the main ethnic courses.

For example, Glendale has a large Armenian American population so they could study about the immigrant experience in that community.

Although there were some critics who thought this new law would portray American culture as an oppressor, Newsom thought otherwise.

“America is shaped by our shared history, much of it painful and etched with woeful injustice. “Students must understand our nation’s full history if we expect them to one day build a more just society.”

The completed and revised curriculum was approved in March 2021 and will be applied to the students who graduate in 2030.

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