Tyga Announces New Platform ‘Myystar’ 24 Hrs After OnlyFans New Ban

Written by Greg Lewis

Tyga woke up and chose his bag today!

The “Rack City” rapper took to social media to announce that he was officially deleting his OnlyFans account to sign up with the competitor platform ‘Myystar’.

Friday (August 20), 24 hours after OnlyFans released public information about their new strict guidelines , Tyga confirmed deleting his OnlyFans account and plans to launch a competitive platform called Myystar, almost one year after joining the site.

The rapper took to Instagram to announce the news publicly.

“Just deleted my Onlyfans, starting my own platform @myystar8 more futuristic, better quality & only 10% fee. Creators will also be able to make content of their choice! Apply now to be first to get a invite. Myystar.com.”

According to Bossip, Myystar is a platform that will provide content creators with more creative freedom and will only take 10 percent of users’ earnings, a sizable deduction from OnlyFans’ 20 percent fee. 

It was also reported that the platform will house content from podcasters, comedians, athletes and musicians. He’ll also allow creators to sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as features relevant to the music industry. 

“I pay attention to the culture,” Tyga says. “I’ve always liked to be on the pulse and see what everybody’s feeling. It was just curiosity.”

Allegedly, Ryder Ripps will serve as creative director and control design for Myystar. Ryder has worked behind branding for VFILES and 88RISING, Travis Scott‘s Cactus Jack and Kanye West‘s DONDA.

“I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and that’s where most of their revenue is at,”Tyga told Forbes. “I want to give those people hope.”

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