De’arra and Ken Announced That They Are Starting Separate YouTube Channels

Written by Alexandra Maurice

Now, we all know the most unproblematic youtube couple off the face of this earth…De’arra and Ken. For the past seven years, De’arra and Ken has shared most of their lives with us, from Christmas “vlogy vlogs”to trying on Fashion Nova outfits. These two have set in societies minds what a genuine and realistic relationship should be.

So its very clear that Ken was cheating on De’arra. Right…? Miss De’arra never talked about it and confirmed whether he cheated or not. Their fans will never know because after the issue, they both took a break from YouTube to focus on theirselves. Privately.

Around November 12th 2020, there was a scandal that shook the DK4L world which involved Ken. There was a video jumping around the internet that showed Ken in a parking lot with a women at night. Not only that, it also showed his hand on her butt and was all over each other.

When they finally came back to YouTube, they announced that they were making their own separate YouTube channels and that their is no bad blood between them.

“We are not beefing! Me and Ken have no hate, no bad blood…none of that! We good.” De’arra stated in their last YouTube channel together.

After they stated that they will be going their separate ways, De’arra and Ken told their fans if they would be appearing on each other’s channels.

“You guys may be wondering if Ken will be showing up on my channel…probably not.” De’arra said. Ken on the other hand said De’arra might appear on his channel.

Regardless, DK4L fans will definitely miss them together and wish them both success.

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