Written by Greg Lewis

Kanye West is blasting Walmart for ripping off the design of his popular Yeezy Foam Runners. According to TMZ,  Kanye filed a lawsuit against Walmart claiming hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for imitating his Foam Runner design and reselling their product at $24.99.

West first debuted the design back in 2019  before the Foam Runners hit shelves for $75 in 2020 and are now sold-out everywhere with a resale value of more than triple retail. The legal documents viewed by TMZ claim West sent several warnings to Walmart Distribution to remove the product off their website but the retail giant never obliged.

Apparently the knock-off Foam Runners  remain on Walmart’s website advertised as the “Summer beach shoes Foam Runner” and come in an array of colors. Walmart’s “unauthorized exact copy” has sizes for men, women and kids.

This incident isn’t the first issue both parties have had with each other. According to Hip Hop DX, Yeezy and Walmart already have history tied up in the legal system. In April, Walmart sued Kanye West claiming his new Yeezy logo was too close to their spark. Kanye’s team says the logo resembles “rays of the sun” and is trying to avoid the trademark lawsuit.

Walmart, who has been employing the logo since 2007, believes Kanye’s is “likely to cause confusion and lead to consumer deception.” The Chicago native plans to reportedly use the logo when branding sneakers, underwear, furniture and modular homes.

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