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New York native, Mariyah Mackey, is an upcoming music artist trying to break into the music industry. The rapper uses the stage name ‘Macksowavy’. Although she was born in the Bronx, the artist moved from the big city to Lakeland Florida when she was 9-years-old. Mackey grew up in a loving home with both of her parents who are still married to this day. The move to Florida primarily consisted of just her, her mother/father and brother. However, through time it also became her grandmother, aunt and uncle living under the same roof with all the other family members.

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“It’s a lot of us, we deep. My parents moved us here for a better environment… show us life outside the hood.”

The 25-year-old rapper has been exposed to different cultures. From the boogie-down Bronx, to the Florida wave, Macksowavy easily identifies with more than just one person.

“It’s wild, everyone around me is New York from their mindset to their life style, that’s why I’m such a blend. Like the wave so NY, but I’m really such a Florida nigga it’s wild.” She continued saying, ” When I’m in NY they say I’m ‘country’.. when I’m in FL it’s ‘you such a New York nigga, I can tell’.”

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Coming from a musical background, it’s no surprise that the FL rapper, Macksowavy is an undeniable talent. She has been working consistently in the music industry bringing us nothing but heat. We took it upon our selves to dig a little deeper and really find out who and what Macksowavy really stands for.

The rapper dropped a project last year tilted ” This is Not A Drill.” The body of work held tracks such as ‘Like Now’, ‘Pop Out’ and ‘Spazzin’ just to name a few. Curious to know, we asked the artist to tell us about the project and to fill us in on her creative process behind the scene.

“Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign, that’s the answer.” Mackey responded. She continued to say ” The first time I ever heard ‘Welcome to The Party’ by Pop, I said WTF is this?”

As she reminisce about that specific time and how that one track made her feel she then knew she had to bring forth a similar sound.

“Then I heard ‘Big Drip’ by Fivio and just the way he play with adlibs, his energy, the dances… I wanted to feel that.”

She briefly paid homage to those who collaborated with her on this project. Thanking everyone who had a hand in the successful finishing project.

“Shout out to Los whose featured on my ‘Pop Out’ track, still my highest charting video to this day. The song ‘Pop Out’ was produced by SimoMadeIt. Spazzin, which is like my second favorite track that was produced by Mac. She continued, The intro was produced by JayJay, he actually from the UK… shout out to him.”

According to the rapper and Analytics, the artist is very popular over there.

MACKSOWAVY – POP OUT FEAT. PLAYBOY LOS (shot by: reelshooters)

In search of opportunity, the Florida rapper currently moved out of Lakeland into a bigger and better situation. Macksowavy decided to bring her talents and passion for music to a place that has birth multiple musicians into fame and stardom. Yes, you guessed it, Atlanta Georgia.

“I love Atlanta man… this city is so beautiful, the women are beautiful”

The artist shares how Atlanta has always been a dream move for her since her very first visit back in 2016. She fell in love with the culture here and the drive she saw in other individuals to become successful.

“It’s inspiring here to see so many of our people doing they shit, really securing the bags.

She compares the experience to her time living in Florida.

” It’s not like that in the L feel me… and Musically, Atlanta is unmatched. I’m not saying we don’t have the talent back home cause we do, we just don’t have the mindset.” She continues, “we still crabs in a barrel, Atlanta is different.”

She ended with expressing her love for the diverse culture within ATL. The city life, mixed with the dirty-south, a perfect blend.

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A few months ago the rapper, Macksowavy, experienced the most traumatic situation possible during the passing of her brother TC.

“First and foremost RIP my brother… my other half, Long live TC forever… feel me.”


Mackey and her brother TC were extremely close, and his death obviously took a toll on the artist leaving her with a heavy heart. Imagine the amount of strength it takes to push forward in a cut-throat industry after losing one of the most important people to you is devastating. Mackey posted via Instagram a photo of her and her brother TC about 10 weeks ago. The photo shared a heart felt caption that read,

“I really don’t think it’s a specific way to cope with something like this… I know it sounds cliché but its really day by day you feel me? I just allow myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling whenever I’m feeling it. I’m not trying to numb it, or ignore it but confront it head on. Really just embrace and enjoy each other, life is short and time is precious… and weed too,” she later added.


Macksowavy released a song titled “ When I Was Down,” featuring her brother TC. The song reflects on several people the artist has lost over the years including her Grandmother and uncle. The track also talks about feeling alone and losing trust in friends and women she’s dated in her past life. Mackey opens up about a lot of hurt in this song and the fans love it. TC, her brother, graced the track with a hard flow, great delivery, and quotable bars. Without doubt, the song is a BOP.

The rapper shared with us that the song was recorded this year, back in January. She also mentioned during the interview that the song “When I Was Down” was the very last song her and TC recorded together. Hence, the weight this song actually holds.

“I remember that night like it was yesterday too, He was hella happy to lay his verse.. he was like ‘I’m telling a story on this bitch nep I feel like von,’ and he ripped that shit,” she added. “short verse but heavy though.”


According to Mackey, the song is an anthem remembering a period of time when she was down and there was nobody there for her.

“That’s for ex’s, friends and family who didn’t believe. The ones who I had who didn’t have me. Remember that when I’m up, cause it’s coming… and soon; respectfully.”

Photographer IG: @Prswrkvisuals

Macksowavy is not only expanding as her own artist but she also speaks about her label that’s primarily her and her brother TC. Fans are expecting new music from the artist very soon, and the rapper promises to deliver. Mentioning to us that she’s currently working on a project with an estimate of 10-12 songs for all of her supporters that will drop towards the end of the year. Also, in other exciting news, she talks about debuting her newest artist and things he has coming up as well.

“Modern Mafia Music, we working.”


Without question, Macksowavy is musically brilliant and well before her time. The artist has shown her passion for rap for 10 years and has proven how well one can perfect their craft over time. While overcoming self-doubt and the lost of multiple family members, she continues to show strength as she preservers in life unapologetically. Dominating the role of female hip-hop, the Bronx native is truly on her way to becoming the biggest in the game!

In efforts to spread positivity within the rap community, the artist closed out the interview with some inspirational words of encouragement for other upcoming artist.

“Don’t quit, not ever. This shit gets tough, trust me I know! The first time I grabbed a mic I was 16. If I’d kept going I would already been in it. It was the stopping and going that held me up… it was always me vs me.”

“Believing in yourself is really the key… when you know it’s in you the rest of the world gonna catch up, I promise.


Friday, May 28, Macksowavy dropped a new video to the song “Gimmie A Beat 2” featuring her Florida artist 1700 Quan.

It was reported that the song was shot in Lakeland FL, by ReelShooters.

Check out the video above.

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  1. Wow! This was such a great interview. I love seeing OUR people excel and go after their dreams!
    Macksowavy is so RAW and vibe is unmatched. Her music is so New York and Florida — I absolutely love it. Keep grinding Macksowavy! Your time is right around the corner!

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