Written by Greg Lewis

It’s Friday and some of your favorite artist are back dropping some new music!

On Tuesday, May 18, The city girls took to social media to announce that they had a special surprise dropping for their fans on Friday at 12:00 A.M. Fan of the rap-duo suspected that they were dropping their new single “Twerkulator” which was trending on social media for a while. Fans definitely know best, because that’s exactly what the rap group did.

There was a small hint of drama with the Clermont twins and the city girls when the twins accused the rappers of stealing their poses for their single cover.

Yung Miami took to Twitter to address the Clermont Twins on the their accusations and put the unnecessary feud to rest.

Regardless of the drama surrounding the release of the track “Twerkulator” the single is getting a great response from the city girl fans.

The city girls aren’t the the only one’s dropping heat today. Lil Nas X, the “Call me by your name” artist dropped a new song today as well. He released another single titled “Sun goes down” a track he claims to have written last year.

In the song he talks about different struggles he had growing up as a child. He mentions feeling lonely as a kid, being picked on by the color of his skin, and the size of his lips. He also talks about finding his strength through his obstacles and working hard to please his fans.

Although the message of his song is to inspire people who are in a dark place, the barbz found away to lose sight of his message and focus on him name dropping Nicki Minaj.

In the song he says, ” I’d be by the phone, stanning Nicki morning into dawn”. The barbs feel like he’s using Nicki Minaj name for clout considering this isn’t his first time expressing his love and admiration for the queen of rap. Lil Nas X was offended by the online comments and tweeted this shortly afterwards.

Lastly, ClayCo native, Big Latto, released her new single ” The Biggest” on all streaming platforms today as well.

The rapper talks about her come up into the music industry being the youngest to ever do it this big. The artist talks about having to change her stage name and other obstacles concerning the entertainment business.

The song and official video dropped only six hours ago and already has 83,398 views.

Today is clearly a great day for hip-hop culture.

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