Tank Upbeat After MRI Reveals He Might Regain His Hearing Back

Written by Greg Lewis

The R&B Singer, Tank, recently visited the doctors and shared the news via Instagram that he was going completely deaf in his right ear and loosing partial sound in his left ear as well. However, after a recent doctors visit, the “When We” singer has better news to share in hopes to regaining his hearing back for good.

“So I’m going through something right now and I want to use my situation to encourage your situation,” he said. ”I’m going completely deaf in my right ear and I’m kind of losing sound in my left. I’m dizzy (and) can’t walk a straight line. All of this (is) out of nowhere, (I) don’t know how or why. I’m seeing a doctor, (I) got MRI’s going on and medication and, you know, all of that.

“But, it still hasn’t given me a reason to give up. It still hasn’t given me a reason to stop feeling like I can do and be everything that I’ve set out to be. The goals are still the same: to be great, to be the greatest. And I want to say that to you too. No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you find yourself. Whether your body is failing you, whether your mind is failing you, whether your spirit is failing you: keep going, keep pushing.”

Other artists reached out via Instagram such as Monica, LeToya Luckett and Colby O’Donis to share their concerns for the artist and send out their virtual prayers and well wishes.

Tank returned to social media on Thursday to reveal some news from his latest MRI from his doctors visit. He “didn’t see anything crazy” about his brain function, but did discover he had a deviated septum, which he is planning to get “taken care of.”

“Back to the ear. This ear is actually worse. I tested lower today in terms of the things I can hear,” he sighed. “Hopefully that starts to turn around quickly and I can get back out there and do what I do, man. I love what I do.”

We are hoping that he has a speedy recovery from this unexpected tragedy.

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