‘American Idol’: Willie Spence, singer from Palm Beach County, now a Top 5 finalist

Written by Greg Lewis

The Palm Beach County native, Willie Spence, was announced to be a top 5 contestant on American Idol on Sunday’s show. It appears that his dream to win it all just might come true.

On the live show, the finalist sang a Coldplay song and a special song he dedicated to his mother for mother’s day.

According to MSN, the 21-year-old singer met with singer Chris Martin to rehearse. Martian sat down with spence and asked him what would he be doing if he wasn’t on “American Idol”. Spence responded with saying it would still have been singing. The Palm Beach County-born singer grew up singing in his grandfathers church. The church is where spence developed his passion for music before moving to Douglas, Georgia. He’d spoken in past episodes about his grandfather, Willie Roger Singleton, who died in March and had lived in Riviera Beach.

American Idol 2021 Top 5 contestant’s

Spence stated that his song choice for the night “Yellow” by Coldplay really resonated with him.

“I have some insecurities, and the song really touched me,” he said.

“I have some, too,” Martin replied, “especially after hearing you sing.”

After the spiritual performance was over, the judges praised the singer for his amazing performance.

“You’re taking his song and turning it into Willie’s song,” said Lionel Richie. “That was a religious experience.”

Check out the song he dedicated to his mother for mother’s day down below!

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