Joseline Hernandez Checks Wendy Williams Over Negative Comments

Written by: Greg Lewis

The reality TV star, Joseline Hernandez, woke up and chose violence during this live interview with TV personality, Wendy Williams.

In the past, Williams has had tendencies of rubbing some celebrities the wrong way, however, most of them always return to promote their brand and business.

Like many others, Hernandez has been on the receiving end of Williams rude remarks towards women and other things surrounding pop culture, and she has had enough of it!

“I just feel like, every time I come to your show, you don’t give me those flowers now,” said Joseline. “And Wendy, you’re thirty-five years my senior. I should get those flowers.” Wendy interrupted Joseline to let her know that she noticed the subtle jab. “Shade,” said Wendy.

“I should feel wanted by people like you,” Joseline continued. “Not just me. All the other young girls… We feel like you be tryin’ us. We feel like you don’t be really rooting for us. You know, especially with me. Every time I come to your show, you always want to compare me to another broad… I’ve made my own brand! I’ve made my own brand for years.”

Joseline further started listing her accomplishments, including being in the industry for a decade and building her own reality shows and businesses since her start on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. 

In attempt to relate to the reality star and calm the storm, Wendy implied that she too feels undervalued and underpaid, but Joseline couldn’t seem to let it go.

“I came from the gutter. I came from the streets!” said Joseline.

“Give me that respect Ms. Wendy Williams. We love you, but at the same time, you have to do better.” The reality star also mentioned that when people come to her show, especially as it pertains to Black women, Williams shouldn’t be as critical because she knows how hard it is to establish yourself in the industry.

Throughout the interview Williams seemed unbothered by the conversation and explained  that her experiences have made her harder on women because she believes that some “can do better.” 

Check out the uncomfortable exchange in the footage above!

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