RubyGldSmoke: Revolutionary Love… EXCLUSIVE

Written by: Greg Lewis

RubyGld Smoke is an American Pop music duo from Chicago, Illinois. The husband and wife team of Terrance Layone “T.L.” Williams and Dani Jo Williams are entertaining the masses with their retro pop music while making marriage look sexy again. Bound by the laws of love, the duo released their 2020 project “Revolutionary Love,” a musical display of black love, self love and the journey of enjoying life. The album celebrates the African American philosophy, which states the most revolutionary thing a black man and woman can do is love each other. The group collaboration brought us eclectic vibes of soul, funk and Hip hop music all together in one band. Delivering notable songs such as “Throw Away Tonight,”“ Highway of Love,” and “Falling.”

What good is a song if there’s no emotional connection? The musical duo knows everything about connecting emotionally and they’ve put it all inside their music. “It’s been a blast honestly.” T.L said when asked how has marriage influenced the way you guy’s write music? “We are each other’s target audience that’s what makes it cool. You’re in a band with your best friend,” he continues. Dani Jo Williams chimed in, “ we get to write about life, being married, recording becomes a love therapy session.”

The American pop music group RubyGld Smoke wasn’t always a music duo . While forming their own recording label Quiet Kingdom back in 2016, the team made hits for T.L.’s solo career such as “Gettin Mo Money Than You”, “Slow Jam Tape” and “A Good Place”. In efforts to find out more about the change between the couples new musical partnership, interesting things were discovered. “ This is something we actually wanted to do together,” T.L said. “As a solo artist I was struggling with making music that I wanted to make. Having my wife by my side brought a new beautiful experience”.

Dani Jo also mentioned how she was struggling with finding her purpose as a choreographer and was ready to get more in front of the music.

Dani Jo revealed that she was a choreographer for several years and also helped with background vocals and different things for her husband Solo projects. Although she had the urge to finally get in front of the music, she didn’t think she was ready. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago when they started writing “Throw Away Tonight,” when Dani Jo finally realized how much fun it was to create music with the love of her life. “ It was the moment I knew I was ready,” Dani Jo said

RubyGld Smoke -- Throw Away Tonight (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

These two are a powerhouse for black entertainment and a great representation of black love for the world to see. In other words, they’re “goals”. The couple shared a few words of advice for all the black men and women out there looking for that special someone. “I would tell black women it’s okay to be independent and single. I got the love of life because I let go,” Said Dani Jo. “We have our mindset on what we think love looks like, but that’s not always the case,” she continued. T.L followed up with saying, “you attract who you are, work on loving yourself and focusing on yourself first”. He also talks about developing a relationship with God and preparing yourself spiritually to find that emotional connection with someone.

As their love for each other continues to grow and flourish so does their business ventures. They created a program called Symphony of Change Inc. It is a humanitarian organization to get different music programs in schools across the Chicago area. Over the years they have helped start up band programs and dark dance programs for school kids. The couple understands the value and the importance of exposing children to creative outlets. They are giving back to the community, giving our future leaders the tools they will need in order to be successful. Through music and through service, the music duo is killing the game! A perfect representation of black excellence at its best.

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