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Written by Greg Lewis Ayanna Davis, 20, was arrested for confessing to having sex with one of her students. Ayanna Davis, a substitute teacher at Lakeland High School, was caught on video having sex with a minor. It was recently reported that the underage student allegedly posted one of their private videos on Snapchat, lawContinue reading “FLORIDA SUBSTITUTE TEACHER ARRESTED FOR HAVING SEX WITH A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT”

Christopher Keel : “ I AM MY OWN STYLIST”

Written by Greg Lewis You’re looking at the face of future fashion. Christopher keel, 25, is a model from Miami Florida. The Florida native, Christopher Keel, currently lives in Atlanta Georgia. Christopher Keel has an amazing sense of style and is known for pushing the boundaries of what today’s fashion will look like for menContinue reading “Christopher Keel : “ I AM MY OWN STYLIST””

“It’s not about where you’re from, it’s about where you’re going”.

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Pop-culture has sculpted our society for decades. Changing the way we see music, fashion, and social-norms. Hip-hop culture has had the same impact. Help us help you get discovered!

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